Immaculate Connection was founded by a group of entertainers and dedicated gamers, with the goal of generating a diverse group of talented halo players that shared a deeper connection with Halo and Xbox all together. Aiming high in first generation development, gamers - ThedonBannon, W1DCAT520, inf1nite 00, & DEZ Despenser joined forces with New England’s “SEPSISS” (a metal band) & media personalities ICG SONGBIRD, William Savant, & Mr. Goodbarz. ICG leads the indie field on Xbox social and connects to Halo players worldwide! Among the development team (Art & merchandising, ICG Forge & Network teams) -KokomoBreez, XC, and commander rew keep maps and communication clean and innovative. This group is defined by their cerebral social outreach, intense reputation, and their aggressive in-game approach!

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