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A diverse group of talented Halo players that share a deeper connection with Halo and Xbox all together! ICG connects to Halo players worldwide. Created and powered by Melissa Wolfe, of Sepsiss. ICG leads the indie field on Xbox and Social Media, Connecting  to Halo players everywhere

This group is defined by their cerebral social outreach,

intense reputation, and their aggressive in-game approach!

With a solid foundation in its Hive Lore, ICG has weathered the storms that have seen so many others fall. ICG is a home for those who love Halo and want to play the game. This is an organization of loyal and dedicated members that hold each other to the highest standards. Surround yourself with people that think first of the final fight and understand the meaning of teamwork. Join a community of like-minded gamers,

but also find a family.

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