-All commanders must be able to recruit a person. This means they must be able to complete the following checklist:

*Get the recruit to send a request to join the social club.

*Get the recruit to send a request to join the spartan company.

*Run a tryout to the specified standards in Procedure 1.

*Refer people to the website.

*Add a successful applicant to the discord server.

-All commanders must make sure ALL members follow the 5 rules of the community and be able to enforce them...


The 5 rules are as follows:
1. This community has a basic philosophy: "Don't be a jerk". Respect members and avoid conflict or drama. If you are made to feel uncomfortable, contact a commander/moderator for assistance.

2. DO NOT share any personal information on the discord server or xbox live of any kind!

3. No verbal abuse and/or harassment will be tolerated. 
This includes, but is not limited to: racial slurs, hate speech, discriminatory language, name calling, threats of violence or profanity aimed at anyone.

4. Disruptive behaviour on discord or on xbox live will be timed out.
This includes but not limited to: Loud noises, talking over others, excessive  off topic chat outside of a specific game chat.

5. Conversation of warnings and banned members is not permitted. Warnings can be appealed to the next level of moderation, but the decision will stand unless overturned.

((****Commanders should be sending fireteam and party invites after each game.****))

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